What people are saying about Ryk’s Uke Class

Thank you so much for the time you’ve put into these classes and making them dynamic and different from season to season–your classes are a really good example to me of the benefits of learning properly from a teacher (you) instead of trying to learn these things on your own!

R.C., San Jose CA

I truly enjoy Ryk’s ukulele lessons.  I started with his Beginning Beginners class, with very little knowledge and no experience other than fiddling around and no discipline for practice.  Right away he had us playing simple, familiar tunes, giving me confidence to play and sing and a desire to learn more.  As I have progressed through the different levels, Ryk has added more challenges, not just with playing the instrument, but also with musicality and understanding theory.  His approach is always an invitation toward exploration and discovery rather than pressure to perform.  I still find making the time to ‘practice’ a challenge, but feel welcome to enjoy the time in class as my time to focus on playing, if that’s all I can muster in a given week.  He is always open to requests, but Ryk’s wonderfully eclectic song choices always bring me joy!

L.B.F., Alameda CA

Ukulele class with Ryk has brought so much music into our lives and with that comes joy that we can access at any given moment.  I can’t count the number of times that we’ve broken into a song that we learned from class with Ryk.  Those musical moments bind us as a family and in the hard times that we’ve faced, those bonds are a wonderful gift. 

F.S., Emeryville CA

I love my ukulele lessons with Ryk! He makes it all about enjoying music and playing for pleasure and connection with others, his instruction is clear and easy to follow, the songs he selects to teach with are varied, fun, and familiar. There are many options for class times and learning on zoom makes it easy to make it to class from anywhere. Highly recommend!

J.M., Berkeley CA

Ukulele class with Ryk has been so much fun! Whether it’s with as clear and simple a goal as keeping music an active part of life, creating community (especially during COVID), or continuing to benefit from Ryk’s masterful teaching when the children in your life have aged out of Music Together, this connection is deeply satisfying. With no matter what background or comfort level in music, everyone can (and should!) find an appropriate level of uke class with Ryk. Tons of fun, there for the taking.

E.C.R., Berkeley CA

For the past two years, Ryk’s fantastic ukulele classes have been a bright place in my days, and have given me so much: a firm foundation for learning a string instrument for the first time in my life; the building blocks for learning about music theory, which has translated to understanding music as a whole and approaching new music outside of class; and access to a community of music lovers. Ryk’s love and respect for teaching comes across wonderfully every session. Ryk’s method for teaching newcomers is oriented toward teaching the body to integrate learning slowly and patiently, which takes so much of the pressure away from the learning process and allows me to connect carefully and understand how my body learns complex movements. The classes have been an amazing supplement to my efforts to play music in person with people outside of class. The more I attend Ryk’s classes and practice using his methods, the more I feel attuned to players around me–and the more compliments I get on my improvement. Thank you, Ryk, always, for your exemplary teaching!

F.R. Oakland CA